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Black & White 308

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This morning while shopping … sleet … very uncomfortable weather…


It’s time for me to say „goodbye“ for a while.
Since I can barely walk, I can not take pictures often …
In March I will go to the hospital and get a new knee, then I have to make a rehab. So hope to be back in April.
I wish you all a good time and thank you for all the kind comments and LIKES.

♥ Petra



morgens beim Bäcker


mein Bild des Tages

Black & White 282

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Man at work…

… I think he has fun doing.
Thank you for visiting!  ♥ Petra

Black & White 279

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The „master“ is finally back home.
(Three weeks cure were just too long for the dogs … and for me too)


Thank you for visiting! ♥ Petra