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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Season



In memory of a beautiful winter morning (December 4th 2016).

A long walk in the beautiful nature here with us.

~as always we were outside before sunrise~

At that time, Mira was still alive, I could still go and my husband was still healthy …

(The processing of the photos has now made me really sad.)


„Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.“ ~ Martin Luther


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Black & White 299

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A wonderful sunset – the sun was huge and lit up orange. I have never seen her like this before.


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Black & White 298

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waiting for the man … (time for some photos):

~once looked backwards~

~then to the side~

~and at the front the sun is just coming out~


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bridge

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I show photos from 8th March 2014, that was a very special morning in the castle park Rheda.

Yes, there is also a wooden bridge (the bridge into the fairy kingdom) and a small one to see, also the bridge with the mill wheel of the watermill.

Morning fog, the sun rose and enchanted us.


der eine schöne Moment