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Black & White 300 !!!


~Breakfast at 6 am at the bakery~


🙂  Thank you very much for 300 visits here with me!
On this occasion, I would like to thank Dragonstar for this great blog action and for all the work every week.




Black & White 299

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A wonderful sunset – the sun was huge and lit up orange. I have never seen her like this before.


Thank you for visiting!!! ♥ Petra

Black & White 298

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waiting for the man … (time for some photos):

~once looked backwards~

~then to the side~

~and at the front the sun is just coming out~


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Black & White 297

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Preparations for the Christmas market – the small timber houses are built.

(>> Christkindelmarkt Wiedenbrück)


You can already see the first stars and Christmas lights on the beautiful old half-timbered houses.

*~Christmas is coming~*


🙂  Thank you as allways!  ♥ Petra


Black & White 296


a beautiful autumn leaf (maple)

Have a nice weekend!  ♥ Petra