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Black & White 284

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Unfortunately, I still can not go without pain, so I rarely have the opportunity to take pictures.
Today, in the pouring rain again when shopping:
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Black & White 283

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Brief encounter with a toad
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Black & White 281

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♥ Our beloved Mira is dead.
We had to let her go over the rain bridge as she was incurably ill.

We are so sad.



There is a place of rainbow dreams,

of lush green grass, and silver streams.

It brings me comfort to know you’re there,

playfully romping without a care.

Always happy, the freedom to roam,

peaceful, joyful in your new home.

You never criticize, you never judge,

you were always there for me to love.

Though you live on in my heart I know,

it’s just so hard to let you go!

I know someday we’ll meet again,

you’ll run to greet me, my best friend.

Together forever we’ll finally be,

over the rainbow, just you and me…

„This set is a tribute to the special place that exists in our minds, hearts, and souls and celebrates the unique bond between pets and owners — a tender reminder to never forget our furry friends that have touched our lives forever.“

Jenniefer Kirk, Fairy Godmother



Black & White 280

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after the rain:


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Black & White 279

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The „master“ is finally back home.
(Three weeks cure were just too long for the dogs … and for me too)


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