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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Build


Building success!

We had a more than 100-square-foot carriage house – unfortunately, it was at some point dilapidated. The best of all husbands did the demolition all by themselves!
a very big effort!

He then built a new little house for my little yellow car.

… and soon the first birds moved in.




CouchGeschichten 35


wenns regnet Nachts…

…ists alles andere als grau.


Black & White 298

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waiting for the man … (time for some photos):

~once looked backwards~

~then to the side~

~and at the front the sun is just coming out~


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Progress

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Two photos from the summer 17:

James Cook -Mercedes

VW T4  California  //   VW T3 Caravelle


..and I have found some VW Bulli pictures from recent years: