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Black & White 293

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My husband and I drive always very early one round by bike, (I can go unfortunately in moment not good, but cycling works).
Here are three photos from Wiedenbrück:

a cafe…

a romantic place

the angel may protect us all.


Thank you for visiting!  ♥ Petra


8 Antworten

  1. Nice captures!

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 20, 2017 um 20:00

  2. dragonstar01

    Lovely photos! I’m glad you can still cycle, it’s a great way to get about as long as you go gently.

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 20, 2017 um 20:07

  3. Very peaceful scenes.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


    Gefällt 1 Person

    Oktober 20, 2017 um 21:16

  4. Lovely shots!

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 20, 2017 um 21:49

  5. riitta k

    So interesting photos of early moments.

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 21, 2017 um 7:22

  6. Three perfect night captures, the one above could be in a wim wenders‘ film. I especially love it

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 21, 2017 um 8:33

  7. Great!

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 21, 2017 um 12:25

  8. Great monochrome clicks.

    Gefällt mir

    Oktober 22, 2017 um 5:13

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